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Pattaya Beach – Beaches Near Bangkok

Pattaya Beach - Beaches Near Bangkok

When you stay as a guest at the Centre Point Hotel Pratunam, you are just minutes away from the smell of fresh seawater, the feel of warm rippling sand, and beautiful ocean sunsets. Check out Pattaya Beach, the perfect addition to your stay in Bangkok.

What Pattaya Beach Has for the Visitor

Pattaya Beach Boating and Watersports

A gorgeous seaside resort in a tropical climate, close by all the amenities of city life, make Pattaya Beach a prime spot for water-lovers of all kinds. Whether you’re the sort who likes it wet and wild in a jet-skiing adventure, or you prefer a lazy afternoon in the peace and quiet of a small boat, just listening to the lapping of the waves, this is the place to do it in.

  • Head over to the Bali Hai Pier for the ultimate parasailing You will be picked up in a pontoon and taken out into the bay where you will enjoy a magnificent view of the city and Pattaya Bay. Instructors are available for newbies to the sport.
  • Rent a dinghy at the beach and have fun sailing the Bay. Boasts are usually hired by the hour.
  • Diving, swimming, and snorkeling are extremely popular sports in the Pattaya Bay. The water temperature is perfect, and the sun is usually warm enough to dry you off again within minutes.
  • Want a completely new experience to tell your friends back home? Why not try the “Banana Boats”, long cylindrical raft-like floats that you can sit over with your feet dangling in the warm water? Rent a banana boat at the docks and remember to take photos!


Visit the Coral Island Off Pattaya Beach

Koh Larn (Coral Island) is one of the gems of Pattaya Bay. You can reach it by ferry from the Bali Hai Pier, with a departure available every half hour. The trip across the bay is about 45 minutes of sunshine and time to admire the seascape. The island itself is a postcard-perfect tropical beauty, with six white beaches and brilliant greenery. Daily tours of the island are offered, plus motorbikes for rent.


Pattaya Cabaret Shows

The cabaret shows in Pattaya are world famous for a reason. Enjoy the ultimate Thai culture experience with brilliant performances, hilarious comedy, and fantastic costume and dance. Choose between the Alcazar Cabaret, the Tiffany Show, and the Thai Alangkan Show, or visit all three for their individual unique performances. The Thai Alangkan Show includes martial arts presentations.

Nong Nooch Pattaya Gardens

Celebrated as one of the world’s Top Ten Most Beautiful Gardens, Nong Nooch sees more than 5,000 visitors a day. The gardens embrace the botany of several world cultures, including a French Garden and Italian Garden, plus marvelous feats of landscaping in superb creations such as the Cycad Valley, Butterfly Hill, and the Floating Garden. Altogether, Nong Nooch offers 33 different displays of variegated plants, trees, and flowers, across 600 acres of lush tropical green hillside near Pattaya Beach.

Siriporn Orchid Farm

The tropics are definitely the best place to view some of the world’s most exquisite orchids. If you are a lover of the soil and all things that grow, a visit to the Siriporn Orchid Farm, located in East Pattaya near Wat Soodthawath, will be a delightful experience. Admire some of Thailand’s most beautiful specimen, including vandas, daedrovium, catteleyas, pompadours, and escosanda. Beautiful bouquets of pre-cut flowers are also available; why not brighten up your hotel room with a fresh vaseful?

One of the great things about the Siriporn Orchard Farm is that it is the perfect place to visit during the rainy season, when other activities such as watersports may not be so viable. That is when the gardens are stunningly colorful.

Museums and Galleries Near Pattaya Beach

After you’ve exercised hard in the water, why not head back to the hotel for a spruce up, then enjoy the rest of the day at a museum or gallery? Here’s a couple of places you could finish the day up with. The kids will find them just as entertaining as the adults!

  • Located on Pattaya Beach Road, Ripley’s Believe or Not Museum must be seen to be believed! Verging from the fantastic and mind-boggling to the utterly bizarre, the exhibitions show just how far the human imagination can go.
  • Art in Paradise offers 1,000 extraordinary three-dimensional murals that let you, the viewer, become part of the picture!

Whatever way you plan to spend your days and nights at our hotel, the life on and around Pattaya Beach can be anything you choose, from tremendously fun to tremendously relaxing! Make this your dream vacation!